Graduation Ceremony & ASIC International Certificate

Our Values:- Respect Integrity Excellence

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Our Values:- Respect Integrity Excellence

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The vision of Elm schools is very clear; we want to strive to be the best and to educate the next generation of leaders in our country.

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The Elm schools vision is very clear; we want to strive to be the best and to educate the next generation of leaders in our country.

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Letter To Parents

Ku :waalidiinta sharaftaleh

Waxa la ogaysiinayaa waalidiinta sharaftaleh ee Dugsiga sare iyo Dugsiga hoose in la bilaabay wadada hormarta labadaa iskuul taas oo faaido wayn u yeelan doonta iskuulka  gaar ahaan xiliga roobabka.

Sidaa darteed waalid waxa si sharaf iyo qadarinleh lagaaga codsanayaa inaad nagala qayb qaadataan wadada halbawlaha iskuulka,taas oo unoqon doonta qofkasta oo ka qayb qaata sadaqatul jaariya.

. عن أبي الدرداء – رضي الله عنه – قال: قال رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم -: ” من أخرج من طريق المسلمين شيئا يؤذيهم , كتب الله له به حسنة، ومن كتب له عنده حسنة، أدخله بها الجنة “

Waalid waxaa arday walba looga baahanyahay inuu soo bixiyo $20,idinkoo marwalba ka qaybqaata xaalad kasta oo iskuulku ku jiro .waxaa lagusoo hagaajinayaa Dugsiga sare Nimco 0634409765,Dugsiga hoose hoose Sacdia 0634422631.

Waalid waxa uu iskuulku idiinka mahadcelinayaa wada shaqaynta fiican milgaha iyo sharaftaad noo haysaan.

Allah Mahad Leh


School Time






Dear Parents 

Below are the official school arrival timings.
Secondary: 7:00 am
Upper 7:20 am
Lower 7:30
Kg 7:40
Please respect the school time. Any students coming after this set schedule should notify the school before hand.

School Uniform

Elm school uniform portrays the school image. We are enforcing the values of pro-fessionalism, equality and the significance of presenta-tion

Graduation Ceremony & ASIC International Certificate

On Thursday 26 October, ELM School held its graduation ceremony for nearly 100 students from grade 8 and year 11, the Class of 2017, at the Summertime Green Plaza Wedding hall. At this ceremony, ELM school was presented with its international accreditation certificate...
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2016/2017 Candidates

It is another moment of joy to our 2016/2017 examination class. Our previous candidate class performed in their international exams pretty well. We are proud to share with you this sterling performance posted by these dear students. They highly made us proud. Our dear...
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Registration is Open

OGEYSIIS….OGEYSIIS Waxa la ogaysiinayaa dhamaan dadwaynaha ku dhaqan magaalada hargeisa iyo nawaaxigeeda in iskuulka ELM SCHOOLS (Young Muslim Academy) uu qaadan doono arday cusub sanadkan; • Fasalada KG1, KG2, KG3, fasalka 1aad ilaa 7aad iyo Fasalada dugsiga sare....
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Students Appreciation Day

On Saturday 1st of April 2017 administrators and teachers in both Lower and Upper Primary held an appreciation day for the students who worked hard, and performed well in the end of term 2 exams which were held in the period between 18th – 22nd March. The top three...
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Together We Can Make a Difference

The Prophet Muhammed (saw) taught us that “Charity does not diminish wealth.” This saying couldn’t be truer. The blessings of giving charity are numerous and this is exactly why Elm school prides itself in teaching its young children from a very early age to give to...
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New Building New Beginnings

Over the past couple of months, Elm Secondary school has been eagerly awaiting the construction of a new building located in Badda Cas. Apart from the extra facilities that this new building has to offer, it is also located across the lower primary school, which makes...
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Culture Week

The 2016 Culture Week festival began on the 24th of December and concluded with a grand finale at Hido Dhowr Restaurant on Wednesday the 28th of December. Even though the Kindergarten section have previously held this event to teach the young learners about their...
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